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Inntopia crosses 100 employees, accelerates growth in Vermont and beyond
The company joins the triple-digit tech employer club alongside MyWebGrocer and Dealer.com.

Inntopia crosses 100 employees, accelerates growth in Vermont and beyond

Stowe-born software maker Inntopia just reached a major growth milestone as it continues its hiring spree both inside and outside the state.

The company, which makes e-commerce and marketing software for resorts, hotels, parks and more, just crossed its 100 employee mark across its offices in Stowe, Burlington, as well as in Colorado and Maine, we were informed by the company.

About half of those employees are based in Vermont, with most being in engineering/technical roles. Perhaps most interestingly, the company defies the typical demographics of tech companies and maintains a nearly 50-50 split between men and women in technical and leadership roles.

At this rate, the company is on track to becoming a household tech name in Vermont, ranked with the likes of MyWebGrocer (~250 employees) and Dealer.com (~800 employees prior to its recent mergers).

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