Who needs TechCrunch when you got AllYouCanTech News?
We will cover news flashes, perspectives and interviews relating to tech in Vermont.
Who needs TechCrunch when you got AllYouCanTech News?

One of the premises behind AllYouCanTech is that the tech scene in Vermont is a helluva lot hotter than most people know – it just needs a bit more visibility.

This is why we created our companies catalog and map, highlighting the incredible companies we already have; the events page, which so far has aggregated an average of two tech events per week; and the jobs page, which today lists over 100 jobs from our tracked companies.

This initial resource took us to where we’re at today: over 5,000 pageviews from the savviest tech community in the state in our first month alone, along with a healthy pipeline of sponsors and job promoters. (Wait, you did know you can sponsor and promote jobs with us, right? If not, hit us up! vt@allyoucantech.com).

This has put me in the privileged position of talking directly to the entrepreneurs and senior managers that build and run these companies; the event organizers that keep the community engaged; and the tech employees that push those companies forward. And with those conversations, yet another thing became clear: There’s a ton of action happening among these folks and companies nearly every week; lots of incredible stories of entrepreneurship and employment waiting to be told; and lots of perspectives and opinions about our tech scene being muttered but not broadly shared. No more. Say hello to AllYouCanTech News!

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We’d love to hear what you think. Happy reading :)

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