Meet Jupyo, a cloud-based platform for data analysis and exploration
Made in Vermont, with sights on data scientists all over the world.
Meet Jupyo, a cloud-based platform for data analysis and exploration

Disclaimer: Jupyo is a sponsor of AllYouCanTech

If you are a data scientist – or anyone who routinely deals with data, really – chances are you have written scripts to crunch numbers and make sense of your data. Traditionally, such scripts are written in the form of files, which have to be run or compiled in their entirety, and whose output have to be analyzed or visualized through a separate tool.

In recent years, a tool called Jupyter has been gaining substantial traction among data scientists by making the process of writing such scripts and visualizing their output a lot easier and faster. However, setting up a Jupyter server, installing the required packages, and keeping that setup dependable can be daunting and time-consuming, especially for data scientists who would rather be spending time with their data. Moreover, Jupyter does not provide any inherent sharing capabilities so users of the same team generally can’t access the same data, and organizations often have roll out their own homegrown data sharing solution.

Enter Jupyo. Jupyo is a fully managed Jupyter hosting service designed for teams. Out of the box, it provisions a beefy virtual machine with enough CPU and memory for most small teams, having the ability can scale up to dozens of CPUs and terabytes of memory. Additionally, Jupyo provisions exclusive collaborative tools: Each team gets a dedicated shared file system so users can access the same data on the same machine where they will be running computations on, without latency due to network communication; and each virtual machine comes preloaded with a Postgres SQL database, so users can store and query relational data again without any network latency.

In the words of Chris Townsend, a customer from Beta Technologies: “At Beta Technologies we needed an online solution to share and analyze flight test data with our team of Pythonistas. Jupyo solves this problem with a familiar Jupyter environment, fully managed by their service so our engineers can focus on flight data, not cloud servers.”

Jupyo offers a 7-day free trial, online support, and comes preloaded with some of the most popular Python, Julia, and R packages for data scientists. Best of all, it’s built by the same folks behind AllYouCanTech! If you’re into data and Python, give Jupyo a go at

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