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Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer
Packetized Energy | Burlington, VT

About Packetized Energy

Packetized Energy aims to solve the renewable energy problem: as more variable renewable energy is installed, grid operators will struggle to manage variability in a reliable and cost-effective manner. Today, Packetized Energy is actively developing the human-friendly technologies that can coordinate flexible energy resources, such as electric water heaters, air conditioners, electric vehicles, and battery storage systems sitting in people’s homes and small businesses, with the ultimate goal of creating a sustainable energy future.

At the core of our vision is the need to not only strengthen cyber-security at the grid interface, but also to preserve people’s privacy in the age of IoT and Big Data. Our patent-pending technology gives people the energy they need when they need, but in smaller energy packets. Join our team and help us build a clean energy future!

Job description

You will be joining a small, diverse team that will allow you to have a significant impact from Day 1. Within the first week you will be working on our Single Page App and the AWS backend.

Desired​ ​qualifications​ (recognizing that no candidate has all of these qualifications):

  • Passion for a clean energy future!
  • Highly motivated to work in a fast-paced growth-oriented startup
  • Demonstrated effective teamworking skills
  • Ability to work independently and effectively
  • Proficient GitHub user
  • Agile experience
  • Experience with JavaScript, HTML & CSS
  • Experience with AWS: IoT, IAM, data persistence, serverless 
  • Experience developing Single Page Applications, preferable with React & Redux
  • Outstanding UX and frontend design & styling experience
  • Familiarity with D3/NVD3 and Node.js
  • Ability to interact with customers in the energy space
  • Continuous Integration/Deployment hands-on experience

Packetized Energy values diversity and highly encourages applications who can help us to diversify our team. Note that we are open to less senior applicants who have a subset of these skills, who are highly motivated, who have the ability learn quickly and are willing to demonstrate their potential through a coding challenge.

A competitive salary, equity and benefits package will be available, with the precise details to depend upon experience. If you want to impress us, send a link to your GitHub profile or some other portfolio of projects that you have worked on.

We are currently reviewing applications and will continue until the position is filled.

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